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Get the right marketing stack that’s right for you and your organization. Don’t buy more than you need or spend big bucks until you have a marketing ecosystem that’s integrated, synchronized, and generating trackable results. Together in the discovery process, we’ll surface the strengths and weaknesses in your current environment and marketing/sales streams (starting with people, process, and then technology). You might not even need anything new except some staff training, tighter integration, or testing/analytics help. Because if you’re not using your marketecture every single day to drive and evaluate results, you’re doing it wrong (and wasting time, money, and opportunity).

Get Optimized Copy That Sells ...

When you are selling online (your products, your services, or you) every word counts. You deserve copywriting from experts who know how to craft the perfect phrases, headlines, calls to action, subject lines, and lures to get results. Proven, tested results. Because we test everything. And we share the results with you so your own staff can learn and apply this knowledge going forward. You’ll also benefit from this approach with traditional copywriting services for your printed marketing materials — because we regularly deploy online PPC tests to prove out the best headlines or the perfect name for your new product. #becausedatarules

Process QA

You might not even know you need it, but we’re expert bug-finders (and exterminators). That’s because when we engage with you and your team, we test everything, especially from your customers’ point of view as they interact with your marketing messages on their journey to becoming your most loyal client. In the process, we help you remove bugs, barriers, inconsistencies, and friction in your website, ordering processes, databases, email series, PPC ads, and more. It’s kinda awesome. And it’s included free of charge with our engagement. Consider it a free oil change for your marketing programs.

Sustainable Marketing

That thing we said above about marketecture? We mean it. You’ll never get any pushy pitches from us to implement a system, software solution, or concept that’s a Cadillac when you only have the budget for a Camry. Or something that requires staff you don’t have (or can’t afford). Start with fixing what you have, building a new foundation, and adding to it as you can (and your marketing starts generating more sales). Sustainable, repeatable, predictable marketing — and marketecture — is your new #1 mantra. Yay!

Replace Benefits With Advantages ...

There’s an old marketing adage about replacing features with benefits. Take it a step further and replace benefits with advantages … because that’s what your customers are looking for. Give them reasons why they should switch to you — what you offer that makes their lives easier, better, or just makes them feel damn good. We help you make this breakthrough via competitive analysis, often employing a secret shopper campaign. It’s not fancypants — and what you’ll discover is priceless: How you’re really doing compared to your competitors.

Stay Profitable With Your Offers ...

The lifeblood of your marketing program or campaign is the almighty offer. Whether it’s a promotion code offering a discount, a free trial, samples, or whitepaper jam-packed with useful information, you need to make sure your offers are performing at a level that’s sustainable for your business (and budget) and 100% aligned with your goals. Balancing attracting and acquiring new customers with retaining your loyal  customers is key. And creating killer offers is the ticket to going from breakeven to breakthrough. We’ll help you balance your offer portfolio and provide fresh ideas that perform. Online and offline — pinky swear.

Making money has never been so fun.

Or predictable.

Because data doesn't lie and doesn't have emotions.

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